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Planning is the most important part when it comes to celebrating your big day. You can simply enjoy the journey if you have the right tools to plan and right vendors to work with. Shopping is another big task in the wedding checklist, now you can also shop at plan your wedding app from your local and international retailers. Sign up today and enjoy your planning. Its free!!

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Planning Tools


Organize ALL your wedding events, venues and the number of guests attending each event all on one panel.

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Task List

Select your tasks from the pre-created list or add your own. Assign tasks to family, friends or your wedding planner.

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Budget List

Set up your budget next to each task to help micro manage and stay on top of where your money is being spent.

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Guest List

Keep track of your invited guests for ALL events, including your engagement party, bachelorette party, wedding and wedding reception

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Get estimates from local vendor’s right from your panel. Before you select your vendors you can view their profile, portfolio

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Your team of family and friends will make your life much easier once they have the right tools to help manage assigned tasks

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Helpful Tips

Saahe Chithi Ceremony

Saahe Chithi, which is little known about until people have a close wedding in the family and they carry out this custom...

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Jago Ceremony

And now for the party! Jaago literally means “wake-up”. Centuries ago, invitations were not sent to invite people to weddings.

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Maiyan Ceremony

We are fast approaching the Big Day in a Guide to Punjabi Weddings, and the countdown begins with the maiya ceremony...

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Bridal Shower Check List

All women or Couples? Afternoon or evening? Is there a theme, style or color? The date - a month or two before the wedding...

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Ladies Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony is a pre wedding ritual which is a must have in every wedding as it adds loads of fun celebration...

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Tips For Tipping

These are just guide lines to tipping vendors, officiants, staff etc. Take a look at your contracts, many may include a 15 to 20 percent...

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Insurance Checklist

Protect yourself and peace of mind on your big day. Below are suggestions to think about to insure your day runs as smoothly as possible...

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Online Invitation

A fresh pair of eyes” is a figure of speech for a reason. Let someone else read your invitation, before you press that “ SEND” button...

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